Thursday, July 22, 2010

Did i scared you?

Dealing with different institution and corporate companies sometimes can a little bit frustrating. Most is expecting world-class and international companies to run as efficient as they can but you cannot imagine actually they are no different sometimes to a government department.

I did not know how and why in the first place i decided to say 'yes' when i was invited to speak to resurrect the dead (White Coffin campaign). Things got a little bumpy at first because i think i'm receiving a lot of calls and about a lot of things which i think is petty. But coming to think about it, they would do that because they have complete no idea who and what are they dealing with (they got my name through their colleague who happens to heard about me before).

Some of the agitation got me disturbed is perhaps they are treating me like a 'kid' or perhaps student who they unsure whether can handle himself or not (Does people really have that low confidence on our students nowadays?).When i met them, i asked them sharply: If the speaker u invited is my lecturer LikMeng, will he get the same treatment? Guess what the answer: erm...(pause)....NO. A laugh and smile was my immediate answer. I wonder what is the difference between me and a lecturer...oh ya...i don't have a title Dr. in front... (if i ever get a PhD, i promise myself not to use it anyway in my name!)

They run through my slides, several times i guess. First scan: OK! Then D-day, in the morning i receive a call: "..we want to talk about ur talk today and hope u can do some adjustments or else we might need to call the talk off..". WHAT? Talking about efficiency, one hour before the talk the say wanne call it off. Got all the trouble to their office earlier explaining wat am i gonna talk..geezzzz.. some issues about attacking plastics cause is part of their biz.

Did i manage to deliver eventually? I soldiered on and stand firm on what i'm gonna deliver. Are they still worried, i guess they do till i deliver it. Any alterations done? nop! Toning down? all the same as i wanted to deliver. Feedback? Some are happy to get plastic-tupperware tumbler and some cloth bags courtesy of Kampus Sejahtera USM.

How do i measure success/lessons (failure by most common terms)? I guess we need to see in a ..couple of months ahead. They promised to give me updates. Till date, no email, no pictures sent...nothing. Perhaps ill bug them sometime soon! Lesson learned. People are aware a little bit. They just need more supporting information to judge it. They sometimes havent got a clue what is going out there and issues involved. Plastic-man Mr Lim (Malaysian Plastic Manufacturer Association boss) told them a week before my talk tat plastic is OK and safe even recyclable. So is up to them to judge and weigh which kind of life they wan to lead, at least im sure of my stand. What about u?

Overall i still love talking about it although is already 3-years-old. I think the title White Coffin never fails or yet to fail to attract attention. So anyone still game on listening?


Thursday, May 27, 2010

An open letter to NST

Dear Sean & NST editor,

I'm extremely troubled by your article "Heeding carbon pledge" published on 26 May 2010 that alleged that the proposed coal plant in Sabah will not affect Malaysia's pledge to reduce its emission intensity by 40% by 2020.

The article quoted an NRE officer Dr Lian Kok Fei claiming that Malaysia could reduce its carbon emission by adopting Carbon Capture & Sequestration (CCS) technology. However, even Dr Lian himself admitted in paragraph 10 of the article that transfer of this new technology is not possible under the current deadlock of the global climate negotiations at the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

Therefore, it is truly misleading and problematic for your article to even remotely implied that the proposed plant at Sabah could utilise the CCS technology to reduce its carbon emission when this technology is extremely unlikely to be make available to Malaysia when the proposed plant is built.

It is the media's responsibility to always remain fair, accurate, and balanced. Your article above is far from accurate or balanced. If you had interview Gurmit Singh from CETDEM or other environmental NGOs, they could have rebutted Dr Lian's problematic claim immediately.

Additionally, the proposal to build a coal plant in east coast Sabah has been rejected twice by the Sabah government and Sabah people. The building of a coal plant at the current proposed site will also endanger one of most pristine coastlines of the country, including the Coral Triangle which contains 75% of the world's coral species, Tun Sakaran Marine Park, as well as the Tabin wildlife reserve. These facts were glaringly missing from your article, which would mislead readers who do not know better to think that there is nothing wrong in building the proposed coal plant.

Instead of proposing to construct a coal plant again, the federal government should fix the long delayed Southern Grip soonest possible to stabilise electricity supply from west coast to east coast Sabah. In addition, if Sabah's substantial potential for biomass as well as Tawau's potential for geothermal were well-utilised, there should be no need for a coal plant to be built!

Many of my Sabahan friends were upset reading your article. I hope NST would be more careful and balanced in its future publications. Your articles help to dictate public discourse and inform public opinion, so please be mindful of your influence.

Yours sincerely
Abe Woo
USM, Penang

p/s: Credit to PeiLing writing this letter. Join us and just copy this letter to your mail and send it to,

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Buy-election and Bye-election?

8.26pm - Unofficial result reported that it is unlikely PKR can overcome giant hurdles put by PM, DPM, Ministers and minions of BN.

I knew this is going to happened. Somehow or rather i just felt the votes are going to swayed back to BN. But deep in my heart i am still hoping that the people in Hulu Selangor can see truth and play a game of higher respect in politics.

During the last few days of the election, stench of money being played in this election is growing stronger. Right from pouring money to the Felda to guarantee for chinese students for PTPTN loan, to RM3million for chinese school, to countless of promises for the indians to be given land to set up temples. Looks like if u want development in your county, just make sure u 'kill' your MP to have a by election. Then you are going to have enough money and business happening there.

Despicable Politics
It is depressing and disturbing to see such 'honour' in our campaigns. From being said an alcoholic to false degree certificate. Hello people? are we not suppose to talk about our country and your dream for the county in the future? I heard in the radio few days ago and i kind of agree with the commentator that says the function of a MP in parliament. He/she is not really responsible to go and inspect electricity break down, officiate functions, giving money for the poor and etc. The main purpose should be looking after the countries policy and law. Those roles should fall under the ADUN and city council members. So whats with all these campaign about giving money here and there and making false and despicable personal attacks?

Money or Dignity?
PKR won most in areas with chinese majority. The BN won in Malay majority areas especially the FELDA area. Is there a indication of this? I'm not sure. I cannot judge nor it is fair for me to said that our Malay friends are easily bought off with money. But one thing i'm sure is that the maturity of the chinese in regards of politics is really there. But most malay friends at my age are more liberal and dare enough to stand up against the old giant BN. Perhaps the money poured are just too tempting.

Overall, the tussle between both parties is going to be more exciting and dirty. How long do Malaysians need to be able to stand tall and reject money politics? Where is our dignity and pride? Where had they gone?


p/s: rambling very very fast...apologies for my English and factual errors. just reflecting my thoughts at this time

Sunday, April 18, 2010

1Malaysia: "wan wan" Malaysia only la..

'Wan' in mandarin means play..

Was reading the Star today and got a big shock. I was reading at the commentary a about the by-election in Hulu Selangor. There is so much thoughts when i read about stories on what happened there.

1) First is the tussle for the BN candidate from MIC. Apparently our old friend Samy Vellu has or rather i should use HAD lose all credibility and trust as MIC president la. He favour this candidate but eventually BN says your view not important. Choose someone better like your communication secretary Mr. Kamalanthan. Nevermind la says the PM, as a pacifier, give Mr Palanivel senatorship.. WHAT??? looks like the senate is merely a place for political bargain.. who cares about the rakyat.. Defeated in the general election? nevermind... put u through backdoor la. become senator. geezzzzzz

2) Apparently Mr. MIC president and Minister Shafie got injure felling onto barbed wired fence put up by the police. Do we need barbed wire in the first place? Wat you think ha? Hulu Selangor people are barbaric or protestor? As far as i know the fence is meant for battle ground in war.. not as fence for people to excercise their rights and freedom.. SHAME on you IGP Musa.

3) Mr TPM is the joker of the day.. Kamalanathan is a model of 1malaysia..just because he has name of malay chinese and indian...WHAT??? seems like all just branding and name la..dont matter how he thinks.. want to have 1malaysia nation? make new law lo...all babies born should have all ethnic names.. i was thinking later my children have names as long as 43 words cause we have almost 43 ethnics and minority tribes

Well Done Malaysia..keep it up being a joke to the whole world

p/s: I'm not for or against for any party..blek!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

2 Hours with motorized vehicle, trouble or sustainable?

Is just barely 30 mins since the USM's 2 hours without motorized vehicle started when i wrote this. Am looking down through the window from my apartment that happens to be facing the 'Sungai Dua' gate (one of the main gates in USM)

3 person holding a big banner shouting and chanting slogans of no motorized vehicle at the gate to those who brought their motorcycles and car into the campus. Regardless a mail delivery to random people that has bisness with the university.

Some are 'shoo'ed away and turned back and went out of the university. Wondering how would they feel and think about USM. One surprising thing is i saw even security guards with their fleet of motorcycles arranged at the guardhouse too were 'shoo'ing people off. Wonder if this programme weren't organized by the student council would they be that helpful. Ah! A rubbish collector truck just came by.

In the campus, car are still rampant! Moving or not there are just TOO MANY cars around. Even parking spaces are scarse!

This makes me wonder, is this troubling people or are we doing something right?
We are discouraging people not to use motorized vehicle, then? What are these people going to commute? Bus system that sucks, building arregement that is impossible to walk from one office to another, no cycling lanes, walking spaces aren't that comfortable. What are we thinking?

Do you expect one of our elderly workers or even OKU (disabled) workers to 'walk' from the gate up the hill to chancellory? or even students who stays at RST (across the road) to walk to lecture complex everyday? If the systems were good i have nothing to say. But with current systems that we have it is pretty impossible!

Dear USM student council.

I applaud your efforts in introducing the no motorized vehicle experience to the campus community during this 2-hour havoc. I also know you have done a lot of effort in promoting this event including printing LARGE bannerS, flyers everywhere and even all the students are dressed in same t-shirt today (think about consumption huh!)

Please do continue to educate the people. People might not see the point of doing this or they will have a reverse phsycology effect that this is all just troubling and never would revert and rethink about not using a vehicle.

Chanting slogans only will not work. People needs to know why no vehicle? They need alternatives too. Correct our systems are flawed and hampered the efforts!

Btw, i walked everyday to USM.


Monday, September 14, 2009

Grieving for Malaysia!

Will this be another 'angry' post by abe?
I hope past posts didn't sounded that im very angry.
I'm just a little bit troubled and distresssed.
More nonsense emerge in our country.
Am not going to talk about politics here because it is already a joke.

look at the news line: Green light for coal-fired power plant
Why are we moving backward? Using technology of 30 years ago?
Or perhaps Najib is too IGNORANT about the scienc of climate change and global warming.
Or maybe Minister Peter Chin is sleeping!
What is the point of having a ministry of green tech and bla bla (whatever name la)
Cause who cares only ma...Not reflecting anything with this high profile portfolio.

Once the Pandora's Box is open, no way we can recontain the things out! even shutting the box. the evil is still out. why are we opening more of the box?

PM Najib,

you have failed environmentalist and the rakyat again!
You seem to be left out in the world's concern on global warming and climate change.
That threatens even the survivorship of human race.
Or you only concerned about how much money you can tap with this project?
Don't we have enough fossil fuel power plant?
What about renewable?

Please Tan Sri, we cannot fail in our role to educate the people about sustainability.
Looking at the development, I said we fail to warn our leaders.
Keep on enlighten the people out of ignorance.
Why are we not doing anything? Not even a single advice given?
Is CETREE in the shelf? Or just for show only?

I am going to send following protest email to the PM and Minister.
Please do copy this and email too. I know it will not change the outcome.
But i cannot just sit and see it. Join me by sending them:

Dear PM Najib:

I, concerned citizen of Malaysia are troubled with the recent announcement by the government giving the green light to the coal-fired power plant at Lahad Datu.
I strongly disagree with the decision looking at the impact to the environment it does.
There is no more debate on the issue of climate change and global warming.
Are you not concern as well?
Coming UNFCCC meeting in Copenhagen will witness a new wave of actions, adaptations and mitigations to combat climate change by world leaders.
What is Malaysia's stand?

Thank you for the time reading this.

Abe Woo
Concerned Citizen of Malaysia
USM Penang

send to:
I have sent it. Let's see what will happen.
Do send them too to voice out our concern


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Merdeka Day Present!

Happy Merdeka Day.

1) Read on the TheStar paper at the opinion section. There is one writer wrote how he is dissapointed that there are lesser Jalur Gemilang flown this year during Merdeka Day. He claimed that the spirit of Merdeka had eroded. Then he starts comparing with people in America flying their Stars and Stripes.

2) I couldn't understand. I really can't. How does flying a flag can show that i'm patriotic or not. Is it just that simple? To me it is a joke. In fact, i'm dispised to see people flying the flag recklessly, without respect and even putting our flags as shirt and headgear! that is the value of our 'patriotism'! Making the whole car covered with 'respectable flags'. How am i going to appreciate flying MY nation's flag when it is used abusively!

3) I will not fly my Jalur Gemilang as long as there is such nonsense is happening! NEVER. It will only fly in my heart and soul!

I realized that Jalur Gemilang is only worth to be a cloth!

4) Down sized Merdeka celebration this year. The PM used H1N1 and Ramadhan as reasons. I was thinking, since when he is so concerned about H1N1 outbreak. I thought his Health Minister is so busy with his MCA unrest. Having no time to think about the rakyat la.

5) I supposed the got a lot of Ringgit saved due to the smaller scale celebration. Wonder whether the budget for celebration is still the same. Money gone else where. Why not? Maybe one flag that cost RM 10 can be sold at RM 50? Just to fulfill the budget ma (my guess, dont take my word for it)..

6) The biggest present for our 52nd Merdeka day---------->>>>> Jeng jeng jeng!!!

7) let us see again what will rise.. food? sugar? clothes? Congratulation to 'satu lagi projek kerajaan Barisan Nasional'. They just sealed the last nail on the coffin!


p/s: maybe a bit emotional writing this. forgive me! I still love u malaysia!